If the UTM Buildings Were Students

Sometimes after you’ve been in a certain place long enough, it can start to take on a personality of its own. Since each of UTM’s buildings has a distinct style and character, here’s a look at what UTM’s buildings might be like if they were students.

DAVIS (South): The Seasoned Sixth-Year

CarolynLevett, ImgFlip
CarolynLevett, ImgFlip

Davis is a little old-school, but he’s allowed to be because he’s finishing off a sixth year at UTM. I imagine he likes to watch black and white movies and enjoys a good bag of trail mix. He also loves to use the “back in my day phrase” to bring up his pioneer days of dial-up Internet and Hanson. Davis’ secret fears include creepy basements, empty hallways, and tiny desks.

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“On Fleek?”



It is most commonly used to describe one’s eyebrows.

It is commonly used to describe one’s appearance.

It is commonly used, well, for pretty much everything.

“On fleek” is one of those generation words. I’d argue it’s what “groovy” was in the ‘70s or what “coolio” was in the 2000s.

It was first used in a sentence by Vine personality Peaches Monroee. Monroee declared her eyebrows “on fleek” and the world caught on. Every teenager I know says it.

Now, if you are like me and constantly yearning for the world’s old ways, you probably hate the phrase.

Long gone are the days when people said to their significant other, “Darling, you look exquisite,” or, “Oh my, does that chunky knit scarf ever bring out your eyes!”

Now, it’s, “Damn girl, you be lookin’ on fleek! Come here and give bae some love,” or, the more popular, “Daaaang, your eyebrow game is on fleek today!”

Quick suggestion: let’s retire the phrase.

Sure, Peaches Monroee may have been hit with a wave of confidence and felt the need to make a six-second Vine clip. Unfortunately, the phrase lasted a little longer than six seconds. And I’m just sort of done with it.

Peaches Monroee, we thank you for your contributions to 2015 slang, but, along with phrases like “bae”, “turnt”, and “yaaas”, could we please leave the phrase behind?

Just a thought.