Humans of UTM

Professor Anil Narine:

“You have used a lots of references from The Simpsons during lecture, is that kind of your teaching philosophy, that you want your lectures to be very light-hearted? “

“I think so, sometimes I say or I hear and I repeat ‘you catch more flies with honey’ which is this idea that one needs to entice their audience to follow them for the whole two hours or hour or whatever it might be, and I think having some easier ways into the discussion is important. In my courses, we look at difficult material often. [We look at] issues of trauma and representation, war and cultural memory … and we talk a lot about consumerism and sometimes that makes people feel fatigued or deluded … so I like to have lighter touches in there. I also think The Simpsons is a very intelligent show. It’s written by some incredible, very educated people who comment on social problems, inequality, gender, even the legal system.”


Humans of UTM

Fourth Year, Sociology and Religion 

“After I graduate, I will look for jobs more related to sociology … I am going to continue my photography thing as well.”

“What’s your type of photography?”

“… It’s very broad right now but mostly weddings.”

“What do you like about being a wedding photographer?”

“You just get to see people. You take the photos of the bride, that’s the best part. It’s mostly capturing all the moments you cannot really see … It’s just the little, minor details sometimes we miss.”



Humans of UTM

Fourth Year, Political Science Major & History and Anthropology Minors

“I see you love fashion, would you ever get into that professionally?”

“Yes and no. Yes, because I love coming to school looking good. Today’s actually the first day I’ve come to school wearing sweatpants. No, because it’s very competitive and cutthroat.  A lot of people say I should model but I’m too lazy and I love food.



Humans of UTM

First Year, Deciding between majoring in English/French/Management

“My friend actually goes to Humber … [the one on the left] and she’s visiting me today. We met in high school but didn’t become friends until grade twelve. We understand and get along with each other really well.”

“How do you like the bubble tea here? I’ve only had it once.”

“It’s actually really good!”


Humans of UTM

Third Year, Commerce

“What was the happiest day of your life?”

“That’s a hard question, I will get back to you on that.“


“Because I live life with such a positive attitude that I would want everyday to be a happy one and it’s hard to compare. “

“How did you get that attitude?”

“ … I have the ability to naturally look on the brighter side of things and when we are given the choice to respond the way we want, then why not look at the positive things?”

“What motivates you to dress up like this?“

“Because I am really into fashion and I feel like everyday is another opportunity to explore myself through fashion as a form of art. Everyday I don’t dress up is a waste of opportunity when I could express myself better with dressing up.”