Humans of UTM

First Year, Art and Art History

“Do you have an idea of what you want to do after you graduate?”

“Yeah, I actually want to become a businessman and open my own art store/art gallery/place where I could host events and teach children – and other ages – that art and creativity is important. Just teaching them different mediums like painting, photography, even culinary and fashion…The business would be led by me with a group of my friends and family, like a family-run business.”

Humans of UTM

Left: Third Year, Biology for Health Sciences and Environmental Sciences, Right: Fourth Year, Biology and Environmental Science

”When was the last time you were happy?”

“I’m a very happy person all in all; I look at things from a positive perspective to make myself stay happy. I don’t dwell on the negatives a lot.”

“I think for me, it’s when I fully got into religion.”

Humans of UTM

Third Year, Environmental Management and Biology

“[I like] hiking, bike riding, enjoying the summer, enjoying all seasons…”

“Any special places you’ve hiked and you’ve been in?”

“Believe it or not… I have to say Erindale Park. It was one of the most inspiring places because it’s close and convenient, and just the views are really breathtaking… Really spectacular views so it’s just a good place to find yourself. I’ve been to a lot of places like the Grand Canyon. They all have the same level of invoking the human spirit. I love it.”

“Any dream places you want to go to?”

“I’ve always wanted to go to Brazil, to the Amazon forest. I can’t even put it into words. It’s just incredible like for anyone who’s into biology…It’s just amazing to see all the stuff going on there. I’d love to go there.”

Humans of UTM

Second Year, Major in Philosophy, Minor in English and Italian

“Do you remember the time when you were most surprised?”

“Right on top of my head…today. Today in the Student Centre, I was talking to someone and she said, ‘Oh, you guys remember that post on Spotted that got like 800 likes?’ She was talking about it. It was my post. Spotted posted ‘Would UTM refund your money if you die?’ So here’s the thing: you have to declare your absence on ROSI first. She brought (the post) up and it’s been like a month. I was like ‘How do you remember that?’”