Five Youtube Channels to Help You Waste Your Time

YouTube, one of the world’s best procrastination tools! I can’t even count the number of hours I’ve spent on YouTube, either watching funny videos or self-learning through educational videos.

These are some of the channels that I absolutely love:

1) CrashCourse


This one is similar to Khan Academy, as they have educational content in 15-minute videos. They cover an array of subjects, from history to chemistry, in a fun and quirky manner. John Green, author of our beloved The Fault in our Stars, is a cohost of the channel alongside his brother. I would especially recommend their psychology video course. Even if you’re not a psych major, the content is pretty easy to understand and is mind-blowing!

2) Jus Reign.

I’m positive that all of you know of Jus Reign, one of the most famous desi comedians! I remember watching his first skits and pranks, and now he makes music videos! These videos are meant to be a small study break, to take your mind off school for a bit. One of his newer videos that I found hilarious was “If DJ Khaled Was Punjabi”. He also touches on issues of race and discrimination. He recently talked about his unfair treatment at airport security.

3) Humble the Poet.


He’s a Toronto-based elementary school teacher with words of wisdom to share. Having read both his books, I found his channel entertaining and informative. His collaborate videos with other famous YouTubers like Lilly Singh (Superwoman) are also pretty funny. I recently watched “How to get out of your comfort zone” and loved it.

4) Minute Physics.

These videos explain a topic in physics in under a minute! They use whiteboard illustrations to explain weird phenomena. There’s always something new to be learned with their videos. I especially liked “Is it better to walk or run in the rain” and “Why is the solar system flat”.

5) Nabela Noor.

She’s a beauty blogger who also makes DIY videos. Her videos are upbeat and add some positivity into her viewers’ lives. I especially liked “DIY gift ideas” and her wedding diaries, which show her experiences marrying someone of a different race. She encompasses diversity and equality in her videos, and she’s up to date on the latest trends.