Five Youtube Channels to Help You Waste Your Time

YouTube, one of the world’s best procrastination tools! I can’t even count the number of hours I’ve spent on YouTube, either watching funny videos or self-learning through educational videos.

These are some of the channels that I absolutely love:

1) CrashCourse


This one is similar to Khan Academy, as they have educational content in 15-minute videos. They cover an array of subjects, from history to chemistry, in a fun and quirky manner. John Green, author of our beloved The Fault in our Stars, is a cohost of the channel alongside his brother. I would especially recommend their psychology video course. Even if you’re not a psych major, the content is pretty easy to understand and is mind-blowing!

2) Jus Reign.

I’m positive that all of you know of Jus Reign, one of the most famous desi comedians! I remember watching his first skits and pranks, and now he makes music videos! These videos are meant to be a small study break, to take your mind off school for a bit. One of his newer videos that I found hilarious was “If DJ Khaled Was Punjabi”. He also touches on issues of race and discrimination. He recently talked about his unfair treatment at airport security.

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