Five Youtube Channels to Help You Waste Your Time

YouTube, one of the world’s best procrastination tools! I can’t even count the number of hours I’ve spent on YouTube, either watching funny videos or self-learning through educational videos.

These are some of the channels that I absolutely love:

1) CrashCourse


This one is similar to Khan Academy, as they have educational content in 15-minute videos. They cover an array of subjects, from history to chemistry, in a fun and quirky manner. John Green, author of our beloved The Fault in our Stars, is a cohost of the channel alongside his brother. I would especially recommend their psychology video course. Even if you’re not a psych major, the content is pretty easy to understand and is mind-blowing!

2) Jus Reign.

I’m positive that all of you know of Jus Reign, one of the most famous desi comedians! I remember watching his first skits and pranks, and now he makes music videos! These videos are meant to be a small study break, to take your mind off school for a bit. One of his newer videos that I found hilarious was “If DJ Khaled Was Punjabi”. He also touches on issues of race and discrimination. He recently talked about his unfair treatment at airport security.

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Difficult Decisions

Life is full of decisions. Whether it’s deciding which earrings go with that new dress, or if we should drop that really difficult class, we are always deciding something! Up until this very moment, I haven’t really had to make any “adult” decisions. Probably the hardest decisions I’ve made to date are more in the school and family area. So what will happen when I finally venture out into unknown territory?

I must confess that I’m absolutely terrified to become fully independent. I’m worried about starting a new chapter in adulthood. Coming from a home in which I have everything done for me and given to me, I don’t know how I’ll manage living on my own, paying bills, maintaining meaningful relationships, and so on.

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Lessons Learned in 2015




In 2015, I made an important decision. I decided that, no matter what, I was going to do the things I wanted to do, for me, and I think it’s a decision you should make too. From committing to working out more often to taking courses in a field that interests you, make sure these are decisions that aren’t forced upon you! You’ll be happier, and you’re more likely to excel.

In 2015, I made a promise to myself that I would focus on activities that I preferred and not what others persuaded me to do. I took classes that I liked, spent time with positive-minded people, and did more volunteer work. I found that a well-balanced life really pushed me to learn new things and be a more positive and energetic person.

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A Day in the Life of a UTM Student

It’s November. Do you ever feel like you just need more time to just get everything done? Whether it’s trying to find a balance between sleep and study schedules or buying a coffee before or after lectures, we are always on the go!

Let’s take a look at a UTM student’s typical schedule for this time of year, shall we?

6 a.m: Trying to pull yourself together from studying all night… Can I just wear sweats to school every day?

7 a.m: You are already late for those buses you were supposed to catch over an hour ago—if you’re lucky, you should make it in time for that 9 a.m. bio lecture.

8 a.m: Either you will find yourself making notes on the bus or falling asleep and missing your stop/transfer.

9 a.m: You have to run from the bus stop at Davis all the way to class on the third floor of IB. Good luck!


10 a.m: Phew! Class is over and you have a small break until the next class.

11 a.m: Decisions, decisions! Should I study in the library or eat something at the CCT café?

12 p.m: Eating in silent study and watching Netflix always seems like a good idea!

1 p.m: Lectures, lectures, and more lectures…

6 p.m: Time to go home! Maybe if you’re lucky, you will get a ride—otherwise, get ready to push your way onto the 110 to Square One.


8 p.m: Eating dinner and writing essays is the best way to spend those long nights.

10 p.m: Time for a quick Facebook break.

12 a.m: “Oh snap, I’m still not done the assignment due at 9 a.m., and I’ve wasted so much time on social media!”


3 a.m: After 10 cups of coffee, the assignment is finished! Now to catch a few minutes of sleep before I have to do that all over again. 😛

Dear First-Year…


brace-yourself-changes-m13oth 2

Dear first-year reader,

Embrace change.

Believe me when I tell you that those days that seem so frustrating are just one of the many chapters of our university life. Getting lost trying to find the tutorial rooms in the basement of Davis was only one of the struggles I faced as a first-year with ambitious dreams. September 2014 was the year I learned that we need to embrace change and that things always have a way of working out.

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