What Better Way to Chill Than Being a Wizard?


Where does one try to relax after a hard day’s worth of school?

When I need a break, I prefer the virtual world to the physical one. I, for one, enjoy playing a game called Guild Wars 2 for an hour or two. Guild Wars 2 is a multiplayer role-playing game. I’ve been playing it since its release back in 2012. The game is essentially a world with five continents, each with its own cultures, areas of interest, and activities. I play a plant-like being, a Sylvari, who controls the elements—like in Avatar or Legend of Korra!

As the game’s name implies, players have the option to join “guilds”, which are essentially separate communities where we can socialize, talk, and play as a team while in game. Recently, I even got together with a few players who live in the GTA. One of them goes to school at the St. George campus.

I think it’s a great game to play in moderation, and it’s a unique way to let off some steam after a hard day at work. It recently became free-to-play, so everyone can enjoy this game and perhaps it can become a new place for you to chill if you haven’t explored it already.