The Six Best Toronto Patios to Try in 2016

With summer quickly approaching, thoughts of tanning, days at the beach, and nights spent on patios are on our minds. If you’re like me and love a good drink on the patio, here are six of the top Toronto patios to try in 2016. Get a group of friends together and head out on the town in the liveliest city in Canada!

1) Mascot Brewery


Designed like a backyard barbecue, this rooftop patio boasts yellow umbrellas, picnic tables, and white picket fences. The patio seats 200 of your closest friends and features made-from-scratch munchies served through the window of a food cart.

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What to do in the summer

With the summer fast approaching, our minds are filled with exams and the looming idea of what to do over the summer. If you are anything like me, you are constantly debating a summer job, an internship, or just putting your feet up and regaining some of my sanity before next fall rolls around. Part of me wants to get a job in my field, get some experience under my belt, while the other part just wants to relax, whatever that means.

If we really want to be successful, the truth is that we need to get ahead. The world is becoming increasingly competitive and our peers will soon become our competition for a job in the real world. Hopefully, this list of options can help both you and I decide what to do over the most glorious four months of the year.

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What do I want to do with my life?


This one sentence in itself gives me anxiety. It’s the question you get at every interview, during an awkward silence in a conversation, and family dinner. As if people expect you to have it all together. Well, I can tell you that I personally have no idea. Heck, I started in forensic science and I’m now in digital enterprise management. I am the definition of lost in life.

So what does it mean to know what you want, to search for a dream job? Is it about finding your “passion”, that deep-rooted desire that everyone supposedly has? Or is it about doing something just for the money? How does one decide what they, in fact, want to do with their life?

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Man Bun Monday


The hairstyle that is revolutionizing the hipster scene and challenging norms.

Move over, ballerina buns, there’s another style in town and this one is rocked by the men! The man bun has made its way onto university campuses, celebrity magazines, and the workplace. The man bun became popular in 2014 and has spurred numerous websites, hashtags (#manbunmonday anyone?), YouTube videos, and even a ban at Brigham Young University.

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How to Dress for a Date When It’s Way Too Cold Out

When it’s cold out, dressing up sometimes seems like a large feat, especially when the fireplace is more inviting. But with a few key pieces, dressing up for the cold weather is not only stylish, but comfortable too. Most of these items can be mixed to create several great date night outfits, like the ones I give below. So get shopping with these timeless pieces and wow your next date!

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Twenty-two things that have happened since the Toronto Blue Jays were last in the playoffs

SP-JAYS9JUNE TORONTO, ON- JUNE 9 - Toronto Blue Jays fans show there support for their team during the game between the Toronto Blue Jays and the Minnesota Twins at the Rogers Centre June 9, 2014. David Cooper/Toronto Star
Toronto Star

It’s  been 22 years since the Toronto Blue Jays have appeared in the MLB playoffs. The long-awaited return has prompted many fans to take last-minute vacations and sick days and pay as much as $14,000 to attend sold-out games. With the long drought finally over, we take a look back at what has happened in the 22 years since the Blue Jays last graced the World Series back in 1993.

  1. In 1993, the Rogers Centre was known as the SkyDome. The stadium was renamed in 2005 after Rogers purchased the facility.
  2. The Blue Jays logo is no longer framed by a baseball.
  3. Mariah Carey held the top spot on the Billboards Top Music Charts during the Jays’ last playoff run in 1993.
  4. The Weeknd now holds the top spot on the Billboard Top Music Charts during the Jays’ current playoff run.
  5. Pagers were slowly paving the way in the mobile phone industry, while the iPhone was 14 years away from launch.
  6. Seinfeld and Full House were dominating the TV screens.
  7. There was no such thing as apps to keep up-to-date on the latest game scores; viewers had to tune into radio stations for all the action.
  8. Sportsnet—the current broadcaster of the Jays—was five years away from its launch in 1998.
  9. Seats in the 100 level of the SkyDome for a World Series game went for $78 dollars in 1993, compared to a minimum of $300 in 2015.
  10. Since the Jays were last in a playoff game, 658 MLB playoff games have been played.
  11. The Toronto Raptors, Toronto Rock, and Toronto FC did not exist.
  12. The euro was being introduced.
  13. Friends was not on air yet and is now considered a retro show.
  14. Alex Rodriguez was the first overall draft pick in the year the Jays last made the playoffs.
  15. Drake, the famed Toronto rapper, had just turned seven, and it would be another eight years before he starred on Degrassi: The Next Generation.
  16. Justin Bieber wasn’t born yet…
  17. Canada witnessed their first female Prime Minister, Kim Campbell, in 1993 for a short period.
  18. The Montreal Canadiens won the Stanley Cup.
  19. Roberto Osuna, currently the Jays star closer, wasn’t even born.
  20. The average price of gas was 43 cents per litre, compared to the average today of 128 cents per litre.
  21. The World Wide Web was introduced in December of 1993.
  22. Wild cards were not yet introduced to the league.