Man Bun Monday


The hairstyle that is revolutionizing the hipster scene and challenging norms.

Move over, ballerina buns, there’s another style in town and this one is rocked by the men! The man bun has made its way onto university campuses, celebrity magazines, and the workplace. The man bun became popular in 2014 and has spurred numerous websites, hashtags (#manbunmonday anyone?), YouTube videos, and even a ban at Brigham Young University.

This style has caught the attention of many. There are those who despise it, put up with it, or are part of the man bun fan club. The style appears to be loved more by the ladies, but they all seem to agree that it takes a certain kind of man (i.e. a good-looking one) to be able to pull it off. Personally, I’m on this team. If you catch a good-looking guy with this trend, you automatically make googly eyes and dream of him being able to do your hair because he just gets the struggle you go through. On the other hand, add some New Balance sneakers with faded jeans, and you’re instantly turned off by the homelessness vibe.

But what do the men who rock this style think? What inspired them to grow their locks and take on the burden that we women have to deal with every morning? “It’s super easy to take care of as long as it’s up,” one student says, sporting the top knot. “As long as it’s not down, it’s fine, and besides, it took me way too long to grow it out.” How long is too long though? Well, according to my research, six to seven months is a typical timeline for the medium hair length. If you want to go any longer, you are looking at upwards of a year.

On one hand, I support the men who rock this style. You’re one step closer to understanding the girl language. However, another part of me is asking, are you crazy?! I (not so silently) curse my hair every morning and regularly consider chopping it off to the mushroom cut I had as a kid. Maintenance of long hair takes a lot of blood, sweat, tears, and constant shedding. Why are you subjecting yourself to such insanity?

At the end of the day, it appears as if this style is here to stay for a while. Although I have mixed feelings about the trend, if it helps men understand the struggles of being a woman, then all the power to them! Keep growing that hair out and while you’re at it, maybe try a braid as well!