Man Bun Monday


The hairstyle that is revolutionizing the hipster scene and challenging norms.

Move over, ballerina buns, there’s another style in town and this one is rocked by the men! The man bun has made its way onto university campuses, celebrity magazines, and the workplace. The man bun became popular in 2014 and has spurred numerous websites, hashtags (#manbunmonday anyone?), YouTube videos, and even a ban at Brigham Young University.

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Feminism is For Everybody


If you asked me if I was a feminist in high school, I would have answered, “Probably.” I figured that because I was a girl and I believed in equality.

In university, without a grasp on what feminism actually was, I was surprised when one of my female professors she said she believed in women’s rights but didn’t consider herself a feminist.

Why didn’t she identify herself as a feminist? Were feminists actually… bad? Did I want to be labeled one?

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