Humans of UTM

Second Year, Major in Environmental Management, Minor in English and Biology

“I think my childhood has a lot to do with why I’m fascinated with nature so much and why I study what I study. I had tons of animal books and watched Zoboomafoo religiously. Rest in peace little buddy. I don’t want to be just another person aware of but still ignoring ocean acidification or climate change. Those things are really important, and no one seems to care much. It’s frustrating but I want to do something. I want to save the world and all the things I’ve grown to love. Like cuttlefish, they’re rad.”


Humans of UTM

Second Year, Specialist in Finance and Major in Economics

“When you are eighty, what is the thing you would most like to be able to say you achieved?”

“I want to be able to say that the world is a tiny bit better because of me. If I have the chance of making any kind of impact on the world, I’ll definitely take it. And if everyone thought this way, the world would be a better place.”


Humans of UTM

Second Year, Economics

“Who has had the greatest influence in your life?”

“My parents, of course! They were always there to support me. They were there to give me the right reasons to make the right choices…I always listen to them even though they might be wrong sometimes but in the end, everything that they decided for me is the best. And I really want to make them happy and proud of me. All this effort, money, time and distance–I want all of it to be worth it.”


Humans of UTM

Second Year, Major in Economics, Minor in Statistics and Anthropology

“I remember being in kindergarten and really wanting to be a detective for some reason. One day, I took some paint and painted footprints on the classroom floor, got a magnifying glass and pretended to investigate the scene. Obviously, I got in trouble with the teacher, so I ran and hid underneath a desk and was crying, refusing to come out. Eventually, they had to call my dad who came to my school and took me home.”


Humans of UTM

Fifth Year, Biology and Psychology (double major) with a minor in Philosophy 

“Personally, I think that undergraduate students aren’t sure who to blame. It is understandable that we are upset. We are losing out on lab experience, courses and some of us risk not graduating because of the strike. Although the
school, and the professors have tried to reassure us and have tried their best to keep things as
normal as possible, I think that there is still a lot of confusion and that confusion leads to

“I can only hope that the University can come to an agreement to resolve the strike ends as soon as possible so that students can continue to receive the best academic experience that UofT
can offer.”