Humans of UTM

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Second Year, Art and Art History and CCIT

“How do you define yourself?”

“Loud and outgoing. That’s me…”

“Art isn’t as easy is anyone says its not like painting and taking pictures. You have to try to be original because in the end you are going to be compared to an old artist and his works that someone saw. That’s not something that you would want.”


Humans of UTM

Second Year, Economics

“Who has had the greatest influence in your life?”

“My parents, of course! They were always there to support me. They were there to give me the right reasons to make the right choices…I always listen to them even though they might be wrong sometimes but in the end, everything that they decided for me is the best. And I really want to make them happy and proud of me. All this effort, money, time and distance–I want all of it to be worth it.”


Humans of UTM

Third Year, Commerce

“What was the happiest day of your life?”

“That’s a hard question, I will get back to you on that.“


“Because I live life with such a positive attitude that I would want everyday to be a happy one and it’s hard to compare. “

“How did you get that attitude?”

“ … I have the ability to naturally look on the brighter side of things and when we are given the choice to respond the way we want, then why not look at the positive things?”

“What motivates you to dress up like this?“

“Because I am really into fashion and I feel like everyday is another opportunity to explore myself through fashion as a form of art. Everyday I don’t dress up is a waste of opportunity when I could express myself better with dressing up.”



Humans of UTM

Fourth Year and Third Year, Life Sciences

“What do you like about her? “

“She is so cute! She has always been here for me from my highs to my lows. She helps me with everything. She always thinks differently from me. She sees what I can’t see. For example, when we watch a movie she would see a character in a completely different way than I do. I call her an alien sometimes. “

“Any funny moment you had together?”

“Right now! We usually dress similarly and we try to convince people we are twins.“