The End of Year Blahs


It’s that time of year again. You know, when there are more deadlines than there are weeks of class left.  When we’re in that awkward phase between winter and spring where there’s snow out so you think you should wear a jacket, but it’s getting warm so you really don’t want to. When you spend too much time in the library and forget what daylight looks like. When you wonder if you’ve ever had a social life.

Sound familiar? You are not alone!

Welcome to the end of the year BLAHS. Side effects include: awkward in-between feelings, obsessive studying and/or procrastinating, overwhelming sense of dread, and insecurity

You probably have your own take on the blahs. Work, school, family, friends, assignments, bills – the balancing act is unreal at this time of year for university students, especially with exams right around the corner. Personally, I’m feeling blah-ed out because I’m in between majors, my workload is reaching my ceiling, I often feel isolated because of my current lack of social life, and I’m starting the summer job hunt.

But my point is not to scare you – far from it. I want you to know that you are not alone, and we can cope with our blah feelings together. I’ve come up with a couple of ways to deal with March/April:

Drop what you’re doing and call a friend. Because calling is underrated. Call your best friend or a new friend and go grab a drink or some ice cream. Immediate blah reliever.

Blast deadlines out of your way. You can do this systematically. Create a list of your deadlines in order of due dates and just sit down, close Facebook and Twitter and Pinterest and your email, and go for it. Complete assignment after assignment (pew, pew, pew!) and study for your tests. They’ve got to get done sometime, right?

MUSIC. Honestly, music can be your new best friend during this time of need. Here’s what I do: I YouTube my favourite artists and discover new music by listening to the list of related songs. I always find new and awesome music. And then I blast (and sing along to) some awesome music to get me through the day.

Remember the good times. And that there are more to come. After all of these blahs are gone, think about getting your social life back, or creating a social life. You’re going to see all of your friends and go out and have a good time sooner than you can imagine. Summer is coming, folks!

So whether you have a case of the blahs, are all blah-ed out, are over-blah-ed, or simply cannot blah anymore, remember that you are not alone, there is light at the end of the claustrophobic Davis hallways, time passes quickly, and you can always find a way to cope.

Here’s to un-blah-ing and making the end of your year shine. I’d love for you to share your blahs and ways of blasting through them too!