A Temporary Escape from the University Life



Don’t you feel as though every day is exactly the same?  You wake up around 6:30 a.m., catch the bus (I mean, run for the bus), spend almost eight hours at school, commute again, do homework, more homework, even more homework, sleep (more like a nap), and then repeat.

That used to be my routine, and though I treasure my education dearly, I found myself stuck in the same rut.  So I thought it was time to take action. At first, I thought of going on vacation, but we all know that’s unrealistic.  Then, I thought about taking 15 minute breaks between homework, but that was too strategic.  So, after browsing through online self-help tips (come on, you know we all do it), I came to a conclusion:

Get a HOBBY!

I didn’t want to acquire a hobby that devoted a lot of my time, nor did I want something that was an expensive ordeal (I mean, come on, I’m a full-time university student).  Then I thought about the things I enjoyed.  I’ve always had an interest in music and discovering original talent from any decade and genre.  I contemplated continuing my studies in piano, but I didn’t have the time whatsoever.  The other alternative was listening to music. But, how do I make a hobby out of that?


Sure, many people have CD collections and a massive music library on iTunes, but the most meaningful medium to listen to music on, to me, are good ol’ vinyl records.  Lucky for me, my parents still have their record collection and stereo from their youth, and as a bonus, I listen to many of the artists they did, and I still do.  When it came to acquiring my own, I didn’t encounter difficulty, because in Toronto, you’ll find many record shops, at least one on every main street.

Almost two years ago, I purchased my first vinyl record.  Presently, I have 24 records, some of which I share with my older brother.  Although all of them are used, they sound nearly perfect—a great deal considering most of them were sold for $5!


With my new hobby, no longer am I stuck in a routine that provides a constant supply of stress.  The thought of venturing out to a record store and not knowing what records I will find fills me with excitement.  I created a new personal challenge that does not require a deadline while having fun at it too!

I’ve realized that when you have a hobby, it allows you to temporarily escape from your busy school life. Once you find yourself relaxed and more at ease, you feel better dealing with the pressures of school.

What are some of your hobbies? Leave a comment below!