How I Got Over my Fears in the Gym

As a workout junkie, the gym facility was the first spot I explored at UTM.tumblr_mcqrcrpalv1r7rk26

The RAWC gym has housed my adrenaline-deprived body for the last five years. I swim, run, and cycle there. I practice Yogilates and Pilates. If fact, in my opinion, nothing beats a good ol’ boot camp class—an intense cardio session that challenges every physical limit you have.

But I used to stay away from two spots—the inside part of the gym near the weights section, where the men mostly are, and the high performance centre, a strength training facility.

As a woman, I felt intimidated by the more “manly” parts of our gym facilities, especially if I was on my own. No way was I going to experience those corners of the gym without a friend by my side.

Will they look at me weird?giphy (1) no

Would they be able to tell that I don’t belong here?

What if they sense that it’s my first time here? I wanted to look like an experienced gym-goer.

One day after a lot of pep talking and false starts, I walked right in—by myself. And there it was, nothing to worry about—just another gym-goer in another part of the gym. My fear was ridiculous!

With time, the gym becomes a less intimidating space. Generally, people keep to themselves and are very friendly. Trainers are approachable and willing to answer your questions.

Next time, do yourself a favour and explore the intimidating areas of the gym. You might be surprised by what you find, and like myself, regret not going there sooner.

At the end of the day, there’s nothing to lose. We all start at one point and we only grow from there. After all, I’d rather say, “Oh well,” than, “What if”.

Cliché, but true.