Adult Horror Stories

I think it’s fair to say that, as kids, we all have the same fears: creepy noises, scary faces, the dark, et cetera. Fortunately, we (read: some of us) get over those fears when we grow through our teenage years and into adulthood. As adults, our fears are rooted deeper in reality. So here are a few of my scary adult Halloween stories.

Story 1:


Around last Halloween, I was at school a lot and didn’t have the time to make myself lunches. I had a job, so I figured I’d buy myself a few lunches and some snacks over the course of the week. I checked my bank account after four days, and my debit card was on overdraft for $200. So I panicked, threw OSAP money at it, closed the tab, and starved for the next three days.

Oooh, spooky.

Story 2:



In 12th grade, I heard about a party far away from where I lived. I called up two of my friends and we drove to the party. We got there at 10. The music was loud. People were coming in and out of the house. Everyone was having a good time. We recognized a few friends in the crowd and went over to say hi. As I stepped into the circle, my friend leaned towards me and said, “We didn’t bring any alcohol…” Across the circle, another friend responded, “There’s no more here…”


Scared yet? You will be soon…

Story 3:



My girlfriend got me an early anniversary gift: tickets to see John Mullaney. We were supposed to go out drinking that night, too. She and I came home after a long day of exercise, classes, and commuting. I reached into my gym bag to get my wallet and… nothing was there. Side pocket—no. Inside pocket—no. I dumped everything out and scanned it over twice. No wallet. I couldn’t go out. I couldn’t celebrate my anniversary. I couldn’t go drinking. I COULDN’T GO DRINKING!