(School) Days of Summer: Should You Attend Summer School?



Summer can’t come soon enough! As the year drags on, we eagerly anticipate the end of exams and the start of our break more and more. So close, yet there’s still so much left to do! Oh, well; in just over a month, we’ll be kicking back and getting ready to enjoy summer.

Or do you have other plans? Are you considering summer school? Enrollment starts soon: March 25 was the first day to apply for summer courses. The idea is certainly circulating in my mess of a mind. But with a potential summer job, I’m unclear if summer school is a manageable option for me at this point. So let’s figure this out together—should you attend summer school after the semester ends? It’s time to weigh your options, because your wellbeing is on the line! Please remember, these are my thoughts only, so your own personal opinions on the matter are welcomed and appreciated.

When exactly is summer school? The first session for fall courses runs from early May to late June and the second session for spring courses from early July to late August. You can register for courses in both sessions if you want, for a maximum of 2.0 credits per session. If you’re ready to give up your summer, then go for it! Getting ahead and fast tracking your education is an amazing and admirable thing to do with your time off, but only if you can handle it. If you feel like you’re burning out right now, then perhaps taking the summer off is a good choice.

If you have a summer job, or you’re applying for one now, then I’m unclear about what you should do, because I’m in the same predicament. The training for my summer job begins in early June, and it’s about a half hour away from UTM. I definitely want to take one half-credit course, but I’m not sure if I should enroll in more. Consider your working hours and the location of the job—balancing a full-time position and a commute to UTM could be more of a hassle than it’s worth. Again, you know yourself best. There will be days when you burn out, when you have work and studying and very little time for anything else. If you can handle high amounts of stress, then bravely commit to such an onerous task.

It’s a tough decision, to summer school or not to summer school. Personally, I’m going to pursue taking at least one course in the first session, as it’s offered in the evening two days a week. Talk to other students, because they may have experienced summer school in similar circumstances to yourself. Weigh your future goals with your current or upcoming priorities and make a judgment call. You deserve R & R, but only if you make your summer productive in another way. Get involved this summer, go somewhere, or try something new—it’ll be so much better than doing the same old thing for four months. In any case, be proud of yourself, because you’ve almost made it through another school year. Good luck with your exams and final assignments, and bring on the sunshine and humidity. It shall be glorious indeed!