How to Move Past Back to School Angst


Remember back in the day when you would get so excited about going back to school? Remember when you would carefully lay out your brand new clothes? Remember when you would wake up at six in the morning because you were just so DARN excited about going back to school that you could barely sleep?

Yeah, I don’t remember that either. Not anymore at least.

Now instead of eagerness and anticipation, you feel bitterness and dread. You desperately crave summer, a time when you stayed in bed till one in the afternoon and your only worry was what you were going to have for lunch. Now you have to wake up at seven in the morning to attend a class you absolutely loathe.

But it’s not too late for you! Instead of wallowing in your own self-pity and crying yourself to sleep every night, here are a few tips you can use to emerge out of your back-to-school funk:

1. Join a Club: The easiest way to beat the ‘ole school blues and pass the long hours to graduation is to participate on campus. Resist the urge to hop on the bus and peace out after class. Join a club! It will give you something to look forward to.  There are plenty of clubs on campus that range from academic to cultural to general interest. Pick one (or ten) or start your own club!  School isn’t only about attending lectures and doing homework. Like puh-lease, in 20 years you’re not going to remember that the most powerful lasers in the world are made with Neodymium-doped Yttrium crystals. What you will most likely remember is all the super duper fun times you had side-eying the opposing team with your friends on the Debate team.

2. Stop Procrastinating:  It can be very tempting to hop on Youtube and watch videos of talking cats. But the joy you receive from watching the cute little kittens is temporary and it quickly dissipates when you realize that it’s midnight and you haven’t started the 10-page essay due tomorrow.  QUIT PROCRASTINATING! When you begin working in advance, your stress level dramatically decreases and so do your bitter feelings about school.

3. Get a Hobby: When you adopt a new hobby or become passionate about something, you tend to forget about the less exciting aspects of your life i.e. homework.  Doing something you enjoy will fill you with good vibes and positive energy. And the positive energy associated with this new hobby will balance out all your school angst.

So lovely readers, how do you beat the ‘ole school blues? Do you use any of the tips mentioned above or do you whip out your calendar and a permanent marker?