Picky Eaters with Dietary Restriction Problems


I seriously dislike the food selection at UTM. Not only do I dislike it, I am downright annoyed by it.  I live two hours away, so when I forget my food at home – which happens more than it should – I am mortally screwed. Sure, I could just take the bus and get food, except I don’t want to leave campus to eat, endure the bus wait, the walking, the walking back, and the bussing back. But I’m also not one to go hours without eating – waiting three hours to eat is stretch, I get hangry (the combination of hungry and angry).

One might say: “Hungry? But UTM has a diverse variety of foods. They cater to everyone. There’s Tandoori Cuisine, Subway, Tim Horton’s, Second cup, International Kitchen, Cafeteria food, Pizza Pizza, Starbucks, Mikes Hot Dogs, Oscar Peterson Hall, and the Blind Duck. Jackie, you ninny!” Yes, yes, yes, we do have quite the diverse selection, especially for such a small campus. The only thing is, I’m a picky eater you ninny (not to be mistaken with a fussy eater*)! I can’t eat wheat, nor gluten for that matter, and I’m lactose intolerant, so thank you for providing a list of the many places I can’t/won’t eat at.

Now, again, I forget my food at home sometimes, so that’s when I start scouring the campus to find anything, anything I can eat!

Oh, and did I mention I’m a broke student? I will not pay eight dollars for a Caesar salad. I also don’t eat salad, so you could see how that would be a waste. The options this cruel school gives a person like me, I tell ya! Luckily for you, my fellow picky eaters, I explore the food options on campus on a regular basis, so other than salad, I have recently found a few options:

When I said anything, I meant it, because apparently this is my safest bet for a completely gluten-free, dairy-free snack:


Tim Horton’s Gluten Free Macaroons. Personally, I don’t like them, but they are gluten-free and 90% sugar.


The chips in the vending machine. Most are gluten-free, but sometimes say that they may contain wheat or dairy. My personal favourite are the Plantain chips in the green package in both salt and the spicy flavour.


Also, I know I mention these food options before, but just in case you’re new to UTM and haven’t stepped foot in the cafeteria, here are some places you must avoid, not because you’re a picky eater – no – but because this is actual poison to your body. I envy those who buy pizza for lunch. Then again, I envy those who can eat anything for lunch.


Note: Not actual poison. They don’t put poison in the pizza. I’m not trying to say they poison your food here, so hold back on the angry letters Pizza Pizza, you multi-million dollar company. Cool it.

That’s about it for our sad, pathetic, picky eating, gluten-intolerant/celiac and lactose-intolerant selves. If somebody could actually find me a dairy-free and gluten-free meal on campus, that would be great.

-xoxo Hungry girl

*A fussy eater is one who complains about their food all the time. I know, I know I’m complaining about the food at UTM BUT the difference is I still find SOMETHING to eat. Thus, not a fussy eater. I am NOT a fussy eater, OK?!