Catching Zzz’s at UTM



When I started attending UTM, one of the first things I noticed was that it was normal to see students sleeping. Since I’ve been going here for quite some time now, and have experienced sleep deprivation myself, I’ve come to understand other students’ need to accommodate ‘naptime’ during their stay.

I’m a fellow Z-z-z-catcher myself and I believe it’s my duty to credit the Z-hot spots around campus.

The Library Cubicles

There are three floors of cubicles in the library.  Although these areas are meant to provide silent study space for students (hence the name ‘Silent Study Zone’), I’ve experienced some of the most glorious sleeps here.  Even though I initially come here to study, its silence provides such tranquillity, and most of the time, it tempts me to rest my head on my books, close my eyes, and drift away into dreamland.


But there is a disadvantage when it comes to sleeping at the library cubicles.



If you’re a heavy snorer, your snoring will probably be heard throughout the Silent Study Zone. Trust me, I’ve heard some.

The Black Sofas in the CCT Building

If these sofas aren’t occupied already, you’ll discover that they’re pretty comfortable.  I’ve seen people horizontally lay down on them, or simply sit upright.

But, keep in mind, these sofas are situated adjacent to the stairs.  Every hour, when my fellow students dash to class, I always awake from my sleep.

So if you decide to sleep here, you may wake up to people shooting you expressions like this:


Sofas in the Instructional Building

Strolling through the Instructional Building when it opened a couple of years ago, I noticed that there were so many more sofas!  More study space, yes.  But most importantly, more space for rest and relaxation!


In my opinion, this is by far the best place to sleep.  Not only are these sofas comfortable, but some of them are stationed directly in front of the window.  So, when you sleep here, you’ll wake up to a family of deer—a common thing to see at UTM—strolling through the woods.  Ahh…sleep and a nature scene—the best stress relievers.

If you fellow UTM-ers know of any other Z-hot spots around campus, leave a comment in the comment box below!