Why All-Nighters Suck

All-nighters are like a bad hangover. You tell yourself you won’t, yet when the time comes, there you are, doing what you said you wouldn’t do. Plainly put: all- nighters suck.

I’m in my third year of university and I still haven’t figured out why at least once a semester (doesn’t matter what courses I take), I find myself pulling an all-nighter. Do I lack self-control and an effective schedule? Yeah, probably. Will I change? Maybe—fourth year—fingers crossed.

I’ve never enjoyed an all-nighter; they’re not meant to be enjoyed. They’re a terrible way to do… anything. So, from one disgruntled student in the middle of an all-nighter herself, here are five blunt reasons why all-nighters suck:

Reason 1: You look like cow poop.

I say this with love, I swear! This whole post is one big verbal hug! But seriously, after an all-nighter, your face looks like cows took turns using your face as a toilet.  You have on yesterday’s makeup, you’re wearing yesterday’s clothes, and for some reason your face has aged 10 years. All because you didn’t sleep.


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