UTM the Good Place


Allow me to be blunt with you: I hated UTM when I started here.

The constant construction, the unseen community of clubs and groups, the unattended pub nights, the commuter-campus vibe—I literally hated almost everything about UTM.

But looking back, I don’t think I had an accurate perception of this school. In fact, I think a lot of it was skewed by my own negative mindset and refusal to accept change (except the construction—ugh!).

A lot has changed on this campus since my first year way back in 2012, including the way that I, as a student, look at this school. I could proudly argue that the UTM campus has actually changed for the better. Here’s how:

Deerfield Hall didn’t exist until a few short months ago! North Building was the grey mass of now unused remnants resting beside Deerfield Hall (RIP Erindale College). I had most of my English and French tutorials in that confinement. English and Language Studies’ profs’ offices were even in there before moving to residential areas—Erindale Hall.

Bus shelters! Those structures at the MiWay bus stop was built just last year. Apparently, during the winter months, they are heated, but honestly they get packed quickly so I would not really know how well they work or if they are necessary. You tell me! I would love to be warm while I wait for the bus in the middle of January.

IMI! The circular area that has been added to Kaneff used to be just a round patch of grass with benches. During my orientation week, a Slip and Slide was set up there.

Growing clubs, groups, and resources! Maybe I wasn’t aware of all of the cool involvement opportunities on campus in my first year, and I’ve written before about my experiences with some, but now I know just how much there is to do on campus. Did you know we have a dietician at the HCC? How about how accessible study abroad opportunities are with Student Life or the IEC? Yaaaas.

Administration! For my first three years, Deep Saini was our principal. Saini is on sabbatical for a little while, so this semester, someone equally as cool, chemistry professor Ulrich Krull, is our acting principal.

So much is different on our campus this year. Maybe it’s because I hope to graduate this year, or maybe our campus has actually changed for the better since my youngin’ days. UTM is blossoming into something new. And, quite frankly, I think I like it.