The Graduate: Things I’ll Miss About UTM


My friend who graduated last semester would say, “This is the last time that I’m going to [blank]” every time she did something for the last time. The last time she wrote an essay, took a certain bus, or did a presentation, a smile would spread across her face and she would say in a fake sad voice that it was the last time she was doing that thing as an undergrad.

While I’m not quite at that stage yet, I must admit that lately I’ve been very sentimental about the four years I’ve spent at UTM. So, before I leave, I wanted to create a personal list of everything that I will miss about the last four years:

  1. Being able to run on my own time, be responsible for my actions, and decide to sleep in over going to class. Several times. Can’t do that in the workforce!
  2. The giant chewy cookies that I discovered exist at the North Side Bistro and have made shuttle bus rides to Sheridan much yummier.
  3. The fact that Tim Hortons is literally right there. *points to Timmies in South* My tea-drinking habit has been so easy to maintain.
  4. The Department of Student Life, where I kicked off all of my involvement on campus doing social media.
  5. The bookstore that supplied me with work hours as a distraction from a tough time in my life in second year. And has made me some serious gains from all of the lifting in the last two years.
  6. The treadmills at the RAWC where I stare out at the parking lot and sprint out my anxiety.
  7. Orientation Week, which I’ve been a part of every year, first through my own Frosh Week (shout out to Odyssey 2013 and Fiji frat house), then through two years as a Frosh leader, and finally as one of the organizers for Eagles Take Off Orientation Week this year.
  8. The deer. I feel blessed to have gotten so close to the deer. I have videos of me walking among them and pictures of me with them. I’ve even ridden one to class (sarcasm).
  9. The Office of Student Transition, which made my entire university experience worth coming to UTM, from my work last summer as a Campus Experience Leader to organizing Engaging Faculty Events and mentoring in LAUNCH sessions.
  10. Therapy dogs in the library as destressers! I will miss going out of my way to see the dogs, to pet the dogs, and to ultimately give the dogs my love.
  11. WRI203, which I’d like to award the best introductory-level course at UTM. Being able to share my writing with a group of other student writers and hear their work was a beautiful experience.
  12. The ease of meeting new people. I have met some amazing people at UTM and become close to people who I otherwise would’ve never had the opportunity to meet. Who knew that stacking books, being in an office all summer, mentoring, Tweeting, planning and attending events, screaming cheers at the top of my lungs, sitting next to someone repeatedly in class, or writing articles could bring me close to so many new people?

There are so many more things that I can think to be thankful for and that I will miss about my time at UTM. If you are reading this, I am sure that you have your own list, or have at least been able to identify with parts of mine. If you are graduating, I encourage you to take a warm, fuzzy moment and think about all the things you will miss! If not, please enjoy your time here.

It’s not going to come back.