Humans of UTM

Third Year, Theatre and Drama Studies with a minor in English

“Do you find it hard juggling fatherhood and juggling school? What challenges do you face?”

“The biggest thing is the self
doubt about whether I should be here or whether I should be back home in Kitchener
where he lives with his mom. I have to tell myself that I’m doing the right
thing by being here and trying to make myself a better actor, a better student,
and a better man. It’s hard not to be with him all the time.”

“If you could go back, is there anything
you would change about your situation now? Would you put off school if you

“I’m really happy with my path and
the way that it worked out. If I could go back I’d do it the same way. I might
make some minor decisions differently, like being less embarrassed about the
fact that I was a teenage dad. I would tell myself that this is a good thing.
I’m so proud of him all the time and I wouldn’t take that back for the