Humans of UTM

Exchange Student, Fourth Year, Biology

“In Brazil, I had the experience to work with fishes. We travel and collect fishes from all around Brazil and then go to the lab and examine and catalogue fishes. It’s a great experience because I had the opportunity to see this ‘field’ part of the job. It was exciting because (I get to) travel. The last trip that I went to for research was two weeks in a van. A road trip. We stopped at many amazing places. A lot of the places we needed to go to were secret and hidden. It was an amazing experience.”

Humans of UTM

Third Year, Speciality in Criminology, Minor in History

“What are you passionate about?”

“Probably spreading awareness of what’s going on around the world. I feel like at UTM, people are stuck in a bubble…If you read what’s going on around the world, like in Ukraine or Venezuela or other places in the world, people aren’t doing well because their country is oppressing them. People are not aware that they have so many rights here, while in other countries that’s being taken away from them.”