How to Not Be a Weirdo in Front of Your Crush

Being a weirdo in front of your crush… Let’s just be honest, we’ve all been there. It happens, all right? Ahhh! Let’s just accept it and go from there.

So, you have a crush… Now what? Well, first you gotta convince the poor sucker you’re not an absolute weirdo, which is easier said than done.

Now, I can’t say I was always the coolest cat when it came to crushes, but I did my best—translation: I was terrible, horrible, and awful. But what can I say? With age comes experience, and with experience comes wisdom. And now, at the wise old age of twenty, I have come to bestow that wisdom onto you.

Here are a few tips and tricks to help you play it cool, and avoid embarrassing yourself as often as I did. (Save yourself… It’s too late for me…)

Don’t be too loud and crazy.

The people who love you may find this endearing, but strangers (the people who you want to love you) will just think you’re too loud and crazy.

Don’t make extensive eye contact.

If every time he/she looks up, you’re perched on top of your chair in a position reminiscent of a night owl on a tree branch, staring at them with an intense “I want you” look, you’ve gotta take a step back. And then a few more. In fact, you might want to just run.

Don’t laugh too much.

You: “Hahahaha! Hardy har har! That was a good one, [insert crush’s name here]!”

Crush: “I just asked if you could pass the eraser…”

Wait until something is genuinely funny, then let the laughter roll out naturally. If you’re laughing every thirty seconds or so, you’re probably overdoing it (unless they’re the Jim Carrey type, in which case, they’re probably weirder than you and you can pretty much laugh the entire conversation).

Don’t laugh too little.

If everyone around you is collectively laughing at something and you’re just sitting there, dead-eyed, it might be time to throw out a couple of chuckles—or at the very least, a smile.

Don’t Facebook stalk them.

Tempting, I know, but don’t. Just don’t. Because if you gather too much information about them, you won’t have anything to talk about when they’re actually around. And you might just let something slip by accident…

Crush: “I have three sisters…”

You: “And a dog, and a cat, right?”

Crush: “How did you know—I have to go…”

Don’t stutter.

It shows you’re nervous, and they can smell fear…

But most importantly, just be you!