How I Coped with My Seven Hour Long Break

When you enroll in classes, it’s sometimes difficult to fill up extra spaces on your timetable.  Trust me, I know this because in my first year, during first semester, every Tuesday, I had a seven-hour long break.

Insane, right?

As an upper year student, I can, without shame, admit that I didn’t have many friends during first year.  There were days when I barely spoke with anyone until I got home, so hanging out with anyone during my break was clearly not an option.  I didn’t live in Mississauga either, so I couldn’t go home and return to school in time for my next class.

Although social media and the web exists as a temptation, I can tell you that studying is the best way to use up the long gaps between classes.  It doesn’t matter if you fear being a goody two shoe – go for it, because in the end, your GPA will thank you.  Plus, once in a consistent studying cycle, your insanely long breaks won’t seem lengthy anymore!

But always remember to take a break.  Do not study constantly.  Your brain needs time to process what you’ve studied.  So if you’re wondering what to do during your break within your break, here are some simple activities I did:

a)  Stretch: stand up from your chair and loosen those tense muscles! Your body will thank you!

b)  Take a washroom break: Do not ignore Mother Nature!

c)   Grab a snack: Just because you’re busy studying, that doesn’t mean you have no time to eat!

d)  Talk: If you’re studying alone, you can feel isolated.  Strike up a brief conversation with someone to feel connected again. (see “How to Strike Up a Conversation with a Stranger”)

For me, studying is the best way to spend a long break, especially if you want to keep up with your readings.

What are some other ways you’ve spent your long breaks? Leave a comment below!