Humans of UTM

Fourth Year, Double Major in Criminology and CCIT

“What do you like about UTM?”

“I like how UTM is like a small community, and I feel this sense of belonging. I find that UTM is loving and caring.  I remember in first year I didn’t really have anyone, I was basically alone for most of the year. Then in second year, a couple of friends and I decided to become more involved by going to various events. I think the inclusivity of UTM made me love it.”

“You’ve met Prof. Deep Saini, would you say that he is your role model?”

“Yes because I like his point of view, that UTM should be more diverse, and I find that he’s working towards that. Along with him, my other role models include my family. Mainly because they pushed me to become more outgoing and inclusive with the UTM community.”