Humans of UTM

Double Major in Political Science and Sociology

“I find inspiration in art, design, nature, culture, people, architecture, makeup and shoes. And for me, fashion is a compilation of all that. Fashion is a vehicle for me to play with shapes and colours in order to uncover my personal style. I absolutely love posting my outfits of the day on my Instagram/blog and maybe inspiring one of you out there with them.”


Humans of UTM

First year, CCIT

“How long have you been playing the piano?”

“For about a year. I’ve been playing the guitar for five years and last year I was kinda like, ‘I want to learn to play the piano’. So I taught myself.”

“What sparked your interest in playing instruments?”

“It really calms me down, especially now that I’m in university with so many assignments and midterms, this is a nice way to escape all the stress and stimulate my brain at the same time.”



Humans of UTM

Fourth Year, Theatre and Drama Studies

“I’m rehearsing a play right now that’s going up next semester.”

“What’s the play about?“

“It’s called Picnic. It’s about a town in Kansas. In it, there’s this family: a mother and her two daughters. The oldest daughter is about to get engaged to this guy she’s been seeing until one of his old school friends shows up and she falls madly in love with him.”



Humans of UTM

Third Year, CTEP, Major in Math and Double minor in Chemistry and Linguistics

 “Do you like collecting anything?“

“Yes! I have an obsession with collecting earrings. I’ve been collecting them for about 8 years.”

“Why do you collect them?”

“I wasn’t allowed to get them pierced when I was younger, so when I was finally allowed, I kinda went crazy.”

“Do you have a favourite pair?“

“My favourite pair have to be these Christmas ones that light up.”



Humans of UTM

First year, Art and Art History

“What courses are you taking?”

“Right now I’m taking Intro to Philosophy, Intro to Art History, drawing and painting.”

“That’s sounds like a lot of fun, how’s your painting class going?”

“It’s pretty good. Right now I’m working on this project called The Sound of Paint where I’m emulating a song I’ve picked through a painting on a mirror.”