Humans of UTM

Second Year, Psychology

After she shared her outlook on accepting her friends as family, I was compelled to ask her how she came up with that kind ofphilosophy:

“I think maybe because my family is also very rollercoaster-like.
We have a lot of happy moments where we’re always laughing and always happy,
and a lot of moments where we’re angry at each other and we’re bitter and we
feel maybe a sense of hate… and it kind of makes it a little more
uncomfortable. But you take that uncomfortableness and you find comfortableness
in that uncomfortableness for you to
hold onto… and that’s what love is, you know? Love isn’t perfect. Love is
accepting each other for who they are.”




Humans of UTM

Fourth Year, Specialist in Management

Third Year, Double Major in Psychology and Criminology

“We’re trying to host an event for Pakistan Development Fund(PDF), it’s going to happen on March 11th. We’ve sponsored a childback in Pakistan and we’re going to fund his education and his living expenses.“

“Does it become hard to balance school and help out with PDF”?

“Not at all, it’s just a little effort from all of us honestly. Like when we find out that it’s all going to Pakistan and helpingsomeone, it really doesn’t matter how much time you put in, you just feel
really good at the end of day.”




Humans of UTM

“I’m really sorry for any of the inconveniences the students face–it’s not a good situation, we understand that. But our working conditions are your learning conditions. At the end of the day, if things keep eroding for TAs, it’s going to hurt students in the long run. So we hope the administration will come to the tables soon. The bargaining team is ready to take their calls any time–day or night. We hope the labour action ends shortly; we wanna be back in the classroom teaching.”