Humans of UTM

Fourth Year, Double Major in Psychology and Human Resources

“Where do you feel most at home?”

“I guess it’s like what they say, ‘home is where the heart is.’ When I’m surrounded by a certain group of people, whether my family or my very close friends, I guess that’s where my home is; where I feel most comfortable, am myself, and freely express myself… I believe the place is made by who you’re with.”


Humans of UTM

Second Year, Biology Specialist

“If you had the chance to see yourself ten years from now, would you take it?”

“I would definitely say no because I would’ve seen where I’m supposed to be, who I’ll turn out to be, and who I’m supposed to be with… I’d rather indulge in the fact that I don’t know what lies ahead and make my mistakes while I enjoy them, that’s what makes this whole entire thing exciting.”