Humans of UTM

Third Year, Double Major in English & Religion + Third Year, English Specialist and Major in Women and Gender Studies

“How is the semester affected so far with the strike?”

“The biggest impact that it’s had on me is that I have to exercise, and I do not know if I like that. I don’t like the fact that I have to exercise to learn. I just wanna be here and then leave and I can’t do that cause there’s a portion of my time that is dedicated to walking to and from the bus and I don’t like that.”

[both of them laugh]

“[Administration’s] not even doing anything about this because they’re not legally obliged to rectify the consequences that’s happening to us. They don’t have to give us any extra classes. They don’t have to give us any compensation right? So, that’s the reason why they can get away with holding us as far as they can. They have everything to win, nothing to lose. The students and the TA’s do. It’s always the people that don’t have the money or the power.”


Humans of UTM

Third Year, Double Major in Art & Art History and English, Minoring in Sociology

“What would you like to see changed in the English program?”

“Less essays? [laughs] It would be cool if profs can have something in class where you can choose which book that still portrays what you’re learning to read. It’s hard to interpret a book you wouldn’t have read in any other situation.”



Humans of UTM

Third Year, Art & Art History Major, Double Minor in Italian and French

“What do people not know about you?”

“I’m quiet, I don’t talk about my personal life so I don’t know what people know or don’t know about me. I sing in a small opera company and teach vocal classes. I have a love for opera, it’s really dramatic!”

“Why aren’t you studying music?”

“I’m actually taking RCM exams. I don’t know if I want to start my own choir. When it comes to music, we’re merely instruments, it’s for the people. I’m the music for you.”