Humans of UTM

Second Year,  International Affairs specialist, Economics major, and a minor in German; Fourth Year, double major in Health Sciences Biology and Chemistry

“Where is the one place you go to when you feel like you need to get away from everything?”

“There’s this little abandoned park a fifteen minute walk from where I live that gives me the time for personal reflection and conversations with God. Even though I would be the only human around, for some reason I would never feel alone.”

“My heaven on earth is not a place, but it’s the feeling inside me when I perform prayer, when I read an intellectually stimulating book or when I’m in good company.​”



Humans of UTM

Second Year, Major in Psychology

“What do you find challenging about your program? What do you find rewarding?”

“[The challenge is] there are a lot of specific details to remember but it’s rewarding when you can apply it in real life.”

“When do you think you’ll be content with the things you chose to do in university?”

“The moment I graduate.”



Humans of UTM

Fourth Year, Life Sciences

“Why did you choose UTM?”

“Personally for me, it was because I live in Mississauga and it was more convenient.”

“You’re in your fourth year, looking back, is there anything you wish you had done?”

“Now that I look back living on [residence] would’ve given me more freedom. If I had to do it all over again I would go somewhere else.”

“So say you’re in grade 12 re-applying for university, where would you apply?”


“Anywhere outside of Mississauga.”